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Our Impact

Since our founding in 2012, Companies to Classrooms Duluth (C2C) has provided more than $694,000 in supplies to teachers. The store averages 600 shopping trips per year and gives away 74,000 items annually, which are worth roughly $70,300 in value. 

Your Support Matters to Our Teachers

Teachers have come to rely on C2C for much needed supplies in their first years of teaching and beyond. As they've moved schools and changed positions, teachers use C2C as a place to pass on materials and supplies that they no longer need, but could still be used by others. Watch the videos below to listen to the stories of some of the teachers who regularly shop at C2C.

The Impact of Your Donation

Current Teachers

PreK-12 teachers on average spend $500 of their own money on supplies for their classrooms. C2C gets classroom supplies into the hands of students who need them, without money coming from the pockets of hard-working teachers or their school districts.  

Ecological Sustainability

C2C keep office supplies and furniture out of landfills. We receive gently used furniture and office supplies from local businesses, groups, and individuals and give them away in the store.

Community Involvement

Working closely with districts and individual schools, along with community partnerships have been essential to the success of our organization. C2C partners with similar ecologically conscious groups in the Duluth/Superior area such as Ecolibrium3, WLSSD and Keep Duluth Clean.

Future Leaders

Supplies from the C2C store have impacted more than 17,000 students, 40% of whom receive free or reduced lunch, and approximately 16% are students of color.

Thank You Community Partners!

These Companies to Classrooms Duluth donors help support our mission where the money raised and supplies donated goes back to the schools and teachers we serve.