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Teacher shopping at Companies to Classrooms, Duluth.

Donation Guidelines

Thank you for thinking of Companies to Classrooms Duluth for your donation! We are a 501©3 nonprofit with a mission to enrich education by providing free repurposed and new materials to teachers to use in their classrooms while simultaneously providing companies, organizations, and individuals an alternative to discarding their gently used office supplies into landfills.

Items of Need

All donations are merchandised in our free store. C2C is open two afternoons each week (and the second Saturday of each month, September-May), giving licensed teachers an opportunity to pick up supplies for their classrooms and students, at no cost to them or schools. 

Our current list of most needed items are: 

  • 3-ring binders (only 1-1/2” to 2” sizes without 
    lettering on front or spine)

  • Bookcases

  • Bulletin boards (any size)

  • Cardstock (white & all colors)

  • Chairs (office type with wheels, in good condition, no side chairs please)

  • Clipboards

  • Colored pencils

  • Composition books (both wide and college rule)

  • Erasers

  • File cabinets (only 2 drawer & in good condition)

  • Filler paper (both wide-rule and college rule)

  • Financial donations (tax deductible!)

  • Folders (2 pocket, all colors and no printing on the front)

  • Glue sticks - Washable

  • Index cards (3"x5", both lined and unlined)

  • Markers - Crayola washable broadline classic colors

  • Masking tape - 1 to 2 inch

  • Paints - Tempera, watercolor sets

  • Paper clips (small and large)

  • Paper punches (single-hole and 3-hole punch)

*Espeically appreciated items are in bold

  • Pencil boxes

  • Post Its (with no printing/pictures)

  • Printer paper - reams of white

  • Puzzles (only wooden ones with all pieces)

  • Rubber bands (assorted sizes)

  • Rulers

  • Scissors (children's Fiskars, blunt or pointed; also adult scissors)

  • Scotch tape dispensers

  • Scotch tape refills (not tape in clear plastic dispensers)

  • Spiral notebooks (college rule and wide rule) - 70 pages

  • Stacking trays for files/paper

  • Staples - standard size

  • Staplers 

  • Stools, tall

  • Tables (small to medium)

  • Tennis balls (used or new)

  • Thermal laminating pouches for 8.5" x 11" paper

  • Toys (only in good condition with no missing pieces)

  • White boards (any size) & spray cleaner

  • White Out or Liquid Paper (in bottles or pens)

Donate Online

Make a financial donation online to help teachers and students. Your donation will allow teachers to have a consistent source of classroom supplies. 

Donate In-Store

We accept donations only on the second Saturday of each month, September - May, from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  No appointment is necessary.

Items We Cannot Accept

We greatly appreciate your desire to donate to C2C and know that you may have gone to a lot of trouble to deliver your donation. However, C2C cannot accept the following donation items: 

  • Adult books (fiction & non-fiction)

  • Binder clips (metal, variety of sizes) - have plenty

  • Board games

  • Book covers

  • Bookends (have plenty)

  • Books (have plenty currently)

  • Bulletin board decorations or borders (have plenty)

  • Calculators (only hand-held solar & in good working order)

  • Calendar pictures

  • Carpet samples (small size preferred for tiny kids) - have plenty now

  • Cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes

  • Computers, keyboards, monitors, printers, printer ink cartridges, speakers, cords, adding machines, overhead projectors

  • Craft misc. 

  • Crayons (we currently have plenty)

  • Dry erase/wet erase markers, erasers, cleaner

  • Electronics of any sort

  • Envelopes (have plenty)

  • File folders (have plenty)

  • Games, stickers

  • Glue - liquid

  • Greeting cards

  • Hanging files (have plenty)

  • Highlighters (have plenty)

  • Household items (fabric, mugs, vases, plastic flowers, etc.)

  • Legal size folders, accordion files, hanging files

  • Page protectors (have plenty)

  • Pens and pencils (have plenty)

  • Pocket charts (have plenty)

  • Posters (have plenty)

  • Puppets (due to possible insect/allergy issues)

  • Puzzles (boxes with cardboard pieces)

  • Stampers/stamp pads

  • Staple removers (have plenty)

  • Storage containers for magazines/periodicals

  • Teacher curriculum books, textbooks

  • Tote bags, lunch boxes, knapsacks


How to donate

We accept physical donations only on the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

We also accept checks made out to Companies to Classrooms Duluth and sent to P.O. Box 3573, Duluth, MN 55803

What our teachers say...

Art shelf at Companies to Classrooms, Duluth.
Companies to Classrooms Duluth logo

Carlton Title One Teacher

I love Companies to Classrooms! I utilize everything I’ve gotten from the organization, from file cabinets to pencils. It’s tough, as teachers, to pay for materials our kids need out of our pockets. I’m so thankful for C2C and their donors for providing us this valuable resource, plus it’s planet friendly!

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